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Olfa XA-1 Ergonomic Knife ( 1075449)

Olfa XA-1 Ergonomic Knife ( 1075449)

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This Olfa XA-1 Knife is from the new X Design Series. This knife is terrific for the person who wants a more ergonomically designed knife. (Uses standard size blades) This knife comes equipped with a high quality carbon tool steel blade.   **Care should always be used when cutting on glass! Be sure that you are using stainless steel blades; they are less likely to scratch glass than carbon blades.

About this item

  • Preloaded with an 9MM ABB Black Snap-Off Blade with 13 razor-sharp snap-off segments.
  • Features a fiberglass-reinforced handle with wraparound rubber grip comfort and control.
  • Includes a Built-in Blade Snapper for safe and easy tool-free blade replacement on the go.
  • Great for cutting paper, cardboard, packaging, shrink wrap, caulking, foam board, molding, and more.
  • Pairing your OLFA 9mm Utility Knife with OLFA 9mm Blades will provide optimal results. 
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